Glorious Saga

Glorious Saga is a horizonal-style H5 game.

Playing Glorious Saga game is a good way to reduce your pressure!

With more and more young people graduate from school live under stress, many of them start to play games. I heard a game named Glorious Saga., which is very exciting because of the strategy. The 23th server of Glorious Saga will be released on Nov 20th  3:00 (UTC - 05:00), 2018 along with the various super value events. We are here to welcome you to enter this amazing Glorious Saga world.

Glorious  Saga
Here is a current version of the game Glorious Saga that will soon be tested on the PTR. Keep in mind that these talents are still being tested and we may completely modify these designs. Summon Thunder: Increases your maximum vortex by 30, and reduces the cost of blasts of Earthquake and Earthquake by 10.
2018 Blizzard Carnival virtual tickets are in hot sales, if you are a "World of Warcraft" player, you certainly do not want to miss the rich in-game rewards brought by virtual tickets. From now on, Blizzard Carnival entity tickets and virtual ticket holders will receive special in-game souvenirs, highlighting the pride of the Alliance or the Horde when Fighting for Azeroth is in full swing:
Union War Cloak and Horde War Cloak: Show your loyalty to All Azeroth with the illusion cloak of the camp theme, one for each of the Alliance and the Horde. Stormwind City Warrior Battle Flag and Orgrimmar Heroes Battle Flag: Hold your position, insert the battle flag into the battlefield, and implant fear into the enemy's heart.
In today's game market, the mobile side is making a big effort, and it has already had a lot of power in the entire game market. It is not uncommon for all kinds of IP games to change hands. As Blizzard's big IP, "Warcraft" has thousands of users, fans are waiting for a long time, and today they finally keep the cloud and see the moon and wait for this Warcraft mobile game product.
Earlier Blizzard CEO publicly stated that it would not give up any field of the game, including the mobile side, and it is well known that the mobile game of mobile is now the trend of the times.
Blizzard has been preparing an RTS mobile game earlier. It has publicly recruited client engineers for the game, requiring iOS/Android development experience and Unity development experience, familiar with C language.
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In contrast, the game Glorious Saga is more interesting than others!

Glorious Saga RPG blow up the lights and smash the tomb to explore the culture of the treasure. Glorious Saga RPG is the first attempt to introduce the popular tomb culture into the theme park. The ghosts of the Yunnan Valley, the ancient city, the Huangpizi and the three thieves The treasure classic IP is concentrated in Beijing Happy Valley, which makes the tomb culture that has been deeply rooted in the hearts of people have a real experience of amiable feelings. The organs are heavy, true and illusory, and thrilling. "It’s dark, people light the candle, the ghost blows the light, you are bold enough to come.” Open the haunted grave of Hu Bayi.

Glorious  Saga RPG
At the same time, Glorious Saga RPG adheres to the magical nature of sweet space, and many cute sweet elves and eccentric grenades create a sweet every day in the desert kingdom. In addition, it is understood that Beijing Happy Valley will recruit 100 "Ghosts" through the "Evil Ghosts" order, and hundreds of theme performances will be held every day.
Hello Kitty, Kuromi, Little Twin Stars and friends are all out to welcome Halloween with everyone! The Sanrio family participated in the "Hello-ween" party at the Ocean Park, and the ONE was also occupied by the Sanrio characters and became "The ONE‧Ocean Park‧Sanrio characters". The six secrets include the ghosts. Forest castles, magic pumpkin carts, black magic cemeteries, etc., Sanrio friends who put on Halloween shapes are waiting for everyone to visit!
The ONE features a play area, including the Magical Mystery Forest, where participants have the opportunity to win the Sanrio characters limited edition coasters, ferrules and post-it notes. During the event, The ONE Club members can redeem the Sanrio characters "Wan" environmentally friendly food bags for free with electronic money of $800 or 5000 points. If you have $1300 or 8000 points, you can redeem the Sanrio characters "Meng" for free. Insulation bag, bring a party to the special prestige!

Glorious Saga RPG
Join Encounter to challenge and defeat at most 15 enemies per day. You can get 60 Glories if you successfully challenge and defeat an enemy. Encounters List will refresh once every 60 minutes with 5 enemies.
If you are interested in the game Glorious Saga RPG, you can click the links to play with your partner with your PC or mobile, and NO NEED TO DOWNLOAD.
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